It is a single residence in a newly developed residential area in Noida . A mid size plot and built with passive use of climate promoting natural ventilation and light with minimal use of artificial ventilators like electric fans. area for development is 240sqft with 600sqft open land for  grow vegetable/ fruits.

Screenshot_2021-04-21 Average Weather in
Screenshot_2021-04-21 Average Weather in
Screenshot_2021-04-21 Average Weather in


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An inward looking house internalizing part of the exterior spaces on the side backs with high pergolas and providing sky lights and ventilators and thus increasing the circulation of air was the primary concept. Fluid spaces help air circulation in summer.

Site integration

Site was small 40 x 60FT. with similar size plots on both sides and behind. An access road of 12 meters at the east. High density development with 2 -3 stories around. Area was not fully developed. Ground level.The building was designed to fit the area leaving largish required set back at the front. The trees on the road were preserved. The approach road is a shaded street now.

Building design

The house is designed for a small family of 5 adults.  The setbacks on the sides are internalized by making them as semi landscaped courts with high level pergolas and insect proofing. The with large openings between these courts and the double height living spaces are fluid spaces. No windows or doors used there so that the inside space merges with semi enclosed outside. two bed room is on the GF besides, living dining and kitchen and the entrance. Cars and vehicles like 2 wheeler can be parked in the front open yard that also double as basket ball practice space. Two more bed rooms on the West and a study in the East are of first floor connected . This and an open wood plank stairs landing on to the bridge are supported on steel. High density single residence development all round insulate the house from Northern or Western afternoon sun.

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Natural Lighting

ventilators, indirect sky lights, punctures on roof with glass cover.

Water efficiency

Nothing specifically attempted.

Passive heating/cooling

Heating is not required for Noida's climate. Good ventilation and provision of air movement is sufficient most of the times. Only during summer months when temperature touches and sometime cross 45 degree celsius, the place need cooling. It is achieved by reducing heat gain from roof using vaulted shapes thus increasing internal volume and height. Further hollow clay blocks conducts less heat from the screed concrete on top to the inner space. Convection of hot air moving up the double height escape through ventilators just between two levels of roof is used as a design feature, indirect sky lights, punctures on roof with glass cover.

Eco-friendly features

Reduction of embedded energy by local and labor intensive materials. Recycled waste wood ( pine wood packing cases reused


building form and orientation

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1. Increasing the volume by double height space, fluidity and continuity with courts and living spaces, high level sky lights and ventilators all increases the circulation of air and freshness.

2. Roof increase roof area for the same plan size and some parts of the roof will be in shade. It also increases volume and height. All this along with hollow clay filler slab reduces direct heat gain from roof.

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1. Passive Solar Design
Control direct sunlight from entering windows while not blocking the passage of cool breezes.

2. Window Openings
The north side of the house needs to have large windows and shallow overhangs. This allows natural light into the house without heat gain from direct solar. On walls which face east side, you need large windows and deep overhangs, the other side’s which shade your windows by mid-morning. In walls that face south and west, you need small windows, which will also be positioned high. 

3. Cool Roofs
Cool roof in home, it reflects sunlight and lowers the roofing temperatures. A cool roof is made using reflective materials within the roofing material tiles, paint.

4. Skylights
Skylights improve the lighting, heating and ventilation.  it minimizes your heating, cooling and lighting bills.

5. Kitchen and bathroom fixtures

6. Flooring

Tiled concrete floors and internal masonry walls assist in moderating temperatures inside.


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