alps wellness retreat st Moritz Switzerland

(Competition : Team Collaboration)

The fast pace of 21st century has led to a very distorted work-leisure balance among urban settlers. This has caused numerous lifestyle-related mental and physical issues like stress, depression and other chronic ailments.


This has shifted the focus on wellness and its importance in leading a happy and fulfilling life. We are getting aware and more conscious of the fact that wellness is more than the absence of disease and is a careful holistic balance of the mind, body and spirit. The dialogue has been initiated and we can see an upsurge in the wellness tourism sector, as people demand for a more accessible and wholesome experience.

The transition between the natural-artificial, interior-exterior should be fluid and seamless to the extent that it becomes one continuous envelope. The combinations of light and shade, open and enclosed spaces should create sensuous and restorative experience.

Alps - site plan copy.jpg

Wellness in this project is seen on happy and fulfilling life by  Body, Mind and the Spirit.
We see  the site that responding actively to the local environment and climatic condition using local building materials.

The  interpretation of the brief that derived from Within the space, these ideas manifest through smooth transitions between spaces and spatial translation.
The focus on materialist and texture created in collaboration, pockets are curve out to provide
individual spaces
The purpose of the  center is to provide spaces for people to connect with themselves and nature surrounding them.

The process of introspection a person undergoes when they are close to nature.


The Realms


•Compact building form.
•Airtight construction of the building shell.
•Very strong thermal insulation for walls and roof.
•Very good windows, with coated double glazing.
•An energy efficient, draft-free ventilation system that provides a  indoor environment, including plenty of fresh and filtered air.
•Load bearing stone wall provided in north side.
• Use of Glass and wood provided in South and west